The exclusive furniture from Dom van der Laan Furniture Design tells more than one story alone. Each piece expresses the natural balance between Peace & Chaos, Inner & Outer, Nature & Culture, Sobriety & Luxury and Design & Functionality.

The furniture, designed by renowned architect and Benedictine monk Dom van der Laan, embodies the perfect proportions between length, breadth and height; conveying the symmetry between the dimensions of the whole and its interrelated parts. All furniture is based on a fundamental shape. Closer inspection will reveal the secret of this specific fundamental shape.
Each piece of furniture has its own distinct character and adapts fully to the environment in which it is placed; a living room, the garden, an office environment or a conference hall.

design your own furniture action is closing!

After the shows and the idea of a kit for the open bench model C-1 BP, this action will close on the first of August a.s. These kits will be available, while stock lasts.

Opening exhibition Piet van Riel

Piet van Riel2

The exhibition of artist Piet van Riel in Slot Zeist has officially been opened on October 22nd. The location, Slot Zeist, is a special legacy of life and living in wealth during the Golden Age and was built as a pleasure palace for Willem Adriaan, Count of Nassau-Odijk. It’s history and grandeur are still noticeable in Sot Zeist and are currently being assisted by the colorful exhibition of Piet van Riel .

Van Riel is well known for his series of spontaneous works that radiate strength and joy along with a sensitive touch. For the exhibition Van Riel has also painted some furniture from Dom van der Laan in his characteristic bold colors. A great contrast to the usual austerity of Dom van der Laan in order to discover the tension between the sobriety of Van der Laan and colorfulness of Piet van Riel. You can see the furniture during the exhibition in Zeist until the 1st of December.